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About Us

The Buckholts State Bank was chartered in 1907 as a locally owned and operated community bank in the very small town of Buckholts, Texas. When we say “small”, we mean 6-man football, 4th Street being the edge of town, and the annual parade only two blocks long. But everybody knows everybody, and we like it that way.

In Buckholts, we built a new “old looking” building 30 years ago, and haven’t yet gotten around to putting a sign out front. We just tell strangers that, “Everyone that banks with us knows where we are!” Now you can understand why we are probably the last bank in the country to have a website, that and the fact that I am still having trouble learning to turn my computer on.

Anyway, don’t be dazzled by all the glitter from the big city mega banks, all banks offer more or less the same products. However, the difference is in the SERVICE. It’s not what you offer as much as it is how you offer that makes the difference. If you give us an opportunity, you will be served like a best friend, favorite cousin, and good customer all rolled up into one. Give us a try!

Incidentally, we are still locally owned and operated. And if you are trying to find us, we are 125 miles south of Dallas. If you have never heard of us, don’t be embarrassed, I know some folks in Buckholts that have never heard of Dallas either.

Richard C. Crowe

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